A track record of consistently high returns

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    Experienced senior management team with over 50 years experience in real estate investing

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    Established and successful track record of delivering returns to our investors

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    Investing for the last 7 years in real estate markets experiencing significant growth

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    Invested over USD500m into Real Estate Projects

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    Strong knowledge of real estate developer finance and the provision of asset backed loans

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    Successful asset exit strategies across all our German and Brazilian projects

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    Constant monitoring of investments with regular updates and quarterly site visits

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    Local, native speaking representatives in each country we operate in with strong real estate experience in the local market


Shenton’s business is focused on the identification of commercially attractive real estate in Germany, Brazil and the UK. We look for medium to high returns from our investments ensuring that the maximum level of security is in place at all times.

Our latest investment opportunity is the Shenton German Listed Bond offering 6.5% interest per annum over a three-year investment period. The Bond is listed on both the Frankfurt and Zurich stock exchanges and is only available to investors via regulated investment platforms.

For more information about this investment, please click here

Shenton’s Experience

Focusing on Germany, Shenton have invested over USD250m into 39 real estate projects. Of these, 34 have fully exited.  The five remaining projects are in the development phase and on track to complete by the specified exit dates.

Shenton have long standing relationships with reputable developers in Germany and the investments we make are in the form of asset backed loans secured against the real estate portfolio of the developers.

Focusing on Brazil, Shenton have invested over USD270m into 16 development projects.  From these investments, over USD110m has been repaid by our developers and all interest and capital repayments have been made on time.  The remaining projects are on track for completion between 2017-2020.

Focusing on the UK, the management team of Shenton have a vast experience in this market and we are now launching a new product focused on London real estate around the new Crossrail links.

Investment Security

Shenton make asset backed loans to real estate developers secured upon their portfolio of assets.  For the corporate listed bonds we lend a maximum of 75-80% loan to value based upon the current market value of the property.  We take first charge or title on all the investments that we make providing the highest level of security possible.

For our bond operation, we also appoint a Security Trustee to ensure that they check that adequate security is in place for the protection of our bondholders.

Award Winning

Voted the Most Preferred Alternative Investment Platform Provider

Winner of the Emerging Award Category

Awarded the 2014 Promising SME 500 Award

Awarded the 2014 Asia Pacific Brands Award

Awarded the Asia Excellence Award 2014

Meet the senior management team

Helen Chong


Experience in real estate with the Walton Group, a multi-national privately owned real estate investment and development group. Prior to this 23 years experience in retail industry focusing on operations, marketing and business development. Co-founded Shenton in 2011 under the ethos of integrity, forthrightness and client protection.

Andrew Thompson

Managing Director

Prior to joining the Shenton Group in 2014, Andrew was a partner in a large property developer and has substantial experience in the real estate market. Andrew also has experience in the UK property investment market where he worked for Residential Property Group. He managed the portfolios of a large number of clients advising on purchase, refurbishment, management and sales. Andrew has an MBA, Masters in Finance, an Honours degree in economics and is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment in the UK.

Peter Mason

Commercial Director

Peter is a qualified chartered accountant and has more than 35 years experience in establishing and running successful businesses. He was Managing Director of Data Broadcasting Ltd for 23 years and a Director of Courtel Communications Ltd for 15 years, specialising in the provision of legal and regulatory updates and information.

Shawn Tann

CEO SMP (Real Estate division of Shenton Group)

Shawn has more than 16 years experience in global real estate. Before joining the Shenton Group, he held multiple senior management positions across several leading real estate agencies. Shawn also gives real estate insight to The Straits Times, and PropertyGuru and iProperty, to name a few.