Shenton International Bonds plc (“SIB”) is a UK-based investment company focused upon making real estate investments in the UK, Germany and Brazil. Established in 2016, SIB has launched 3 bonds to the UK retail market. The first was a two-year bond paying 9% interest, which matured in April 2018, with all investors having been repaid their capital from this investment. The second bond launched was a 4 year-bond that matures in December 2020. And the final bond launched was a two-year bond that matures in May 2020. SIB have a proud record of paying all the coupons to their investors on time, with the two remaining bonds on track and due to complete in 2020.

The parent company of SIB is Shenton plc who will shortly be releasing a new asset-backed UK loan note product. This will initially be released to existing investors only. If are interested in new investment opportunities please contact us on 0207 243 2000 or visit for more information and we can discuss various options open to you within our group of companies.


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2-Year 9% – Bond Repaid
Maturity Date: Apr 2018

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4-Year 10% – Bond Closed
Maturity Date: Dec 2020

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2 Year 10% – Bond Closed
Maturity Date: May 2020

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please note, we advise all clients to only speak to the team members listed on this page. Shenton International Bonds plc is a UK investment company and clients should only ever send money to a UK banking institution. If you are ever contacted by someone reporting to be from Shenton International Bonds plc, who asks you to send money overseas, DO NOT do this and please inform us immediately on 0207 243 2000.

Visit us in London

Shenton have recently moved to a new office in Mayfair London.

We would like to invite all of our clients to come and visit us at 12 Hay Hill, Mayfair, London W1J 8NR. Please call us on 0207 243 2000 to arrange your complimentary visit where we can have lunch and discuss your current investments with us.