2-Year 12% Mini Bond



Bond Name: Shenton 2-Year 12% Mini Bond
Issuer: Shenton International Bonds plc
Term: 2-Years
Launch Date: 5 April 2018
Close Date: 31 December 2018
Fixed Coupon: 10% gross p.a.
Bonus: 2% gross p.a. paid to all investors who have invested with Shenton previously and who invest before the Long Stop Date
Payment: Quarterly


To co-inside with the maturity of our first 2-Year Mini Bond we launched a new 2-Year Mini Bond on the 5 April 2018. Any existing clients who wish to invest will have the opportunity to receive 10% (gross) interest p.a. plus a 2% (gross) bonus making your returns 12% (gross) p.a. The bond is set to make eight quarterly interest payments and the capital repaid in May 2020.

This will be our third UK Mini Bond and as per the previous bonds all the investments we make will be asset-backed and with development partners with whom we have long standing relationships, ensuring we will continue to provide our investors with a high level of security.

This Mini Bond will only be open for investment until 30 December 2018.

For more information please contact us.