History and expertise



Shenton in the UK was established in 2016 to offer structured investment opportunities to our clients secured against tangible real estate assets. 

Since the launch of our first retail investment product in January 2016, the UK arm of the Shenton Group has expanded its operation to target the institutional investment market and launched the Shenton Group's first corporate listed bond in 2017.

We have recently moved into new offices in Mayfair, London and are looking to grow our operation further with the UK becoming our global home for structured finance.

A track record of consistently high returns*

  • Experienced senior management team with over 50-years of experience in real estate investing
  • Established and successful track record of delivering returns to our investors
  • Investing on behalf of the Shenton Group for the last 7-years in real estate markets experiencing significant growth
  • Strong knowledge of real estate developer finance and the provision of asset-backed loans
  • Successful asset exit strategies across all our German and Brazilian projects
  • Constant monitoring of investments with regular updates

Our latest investment opportunity a new Mini Bond offers existing investors the opportunity to receive a high rate of 12% p.a. return.

For more information about this investment, please click here.

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Shenton’s Expertise*

The Company is led by an experienced executive team with an established background in the global real estate market. 

Shenton has long-standing relationships with reputable developers in Germany and Brazil. The investments we make are in the form of asset-backed loans secured against the real estate portfolio of the developers.

Germany is currently one of the fastest growing G7 economies and our investment strategy is to focus on cities such as Berlin which we believe offer significant capital appreciation.

Brazil represents the powerhouse of Latin America and the economy has recently returned to significant economic growth. Our focus is on the northeast of Brazil in residential and commercial real estate.

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Investment Security

Shenton makes asset-backed loans to real estate developers secured upon their portfolio of assets. For the corporate listed bonds, we lend a maximum of 75-80% loan to value based upon the current market value of the property. We take first charge or title on all the investments that we make with the aim of providing a high level of security.

For our bond operation, we also appoint a Security Trustee to ensure that they check that adequate security is in place for the protection of our bondholders.